Folly Beach Weekend

This past weekend was amazing!

Destination: Folly Beach, SC

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We, as a family, enjoy the beach.  I, as a Puerto Rican woman, love the beach, the sand, the sun, and the sounds of the waves as they come to shore…you get the picture.

We arrived at Folly Beach Thursday night and needless to say that, a full day at work, we were tired and we went straight to bed.

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Friday morning, my husband and I sneaked out and had a hot, yummy breakfast…all by ourselves.  After breakfast, we stopped at Tuesday Mornings for some pool toys for the kids, then we went back home.

It was time to get the kids up!  All I had to say was “Pool Time”…and they were both up, getting ready for some fun.  They splashed pretty much all day. Then later one we wanted to eat some seafood, after all we were at the beach.  A friend recommended Bowens Island Restaurant.  I will write more about the place at a later time.  The food was good!

Saturday was my son’s 12th birthday and we pretty much did whatever he wanted to do…which were more pool and a walk at the beach.  It was rainy, so we did not linger too much.  Later in the afternoon, dinner was at La Carreta, Mexican restaurant and it was the best Mexican food I have ever had.

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After dinner, we decided to go to the pier; we checked the small shop, then walked and took lots of family pictures at the pier.

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Sunday was our last day, sadly, and we just chill by the pool then drove back home.

Folly Beach is a lay back, family oriented beach in Charleston, SC.  It has plenty of restaurants and bars, within walking distance from the Tides Hotel. The atmosphere is very friendly and you get to see and spend time with people from all walks of life.  I always enjoy Folly Beach…it’s a romantic and magical place.



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