Flash Giveaway-Starbucks $10 Gift Card

Customized logo Personalized Starbucks treats - I bought cups from the dollar store and a package of chocolate covered shortbread from costco. I personalized these labels with each teacher’s name from this link. Printed them on sticker paper, cut and attached. Great way to start any day!:

I am super excited about the holidays, although I will miss my family and friends in Puerto Rico, NC and SC, I plan on having a great time with my kiddos and my husband.


A while back I wrote a little blog about a random person paying for my Starbucks coffee. Things like that do not happen to me, ever, so I was very touch. A week passed by and I found myself at Starbucks again, so I decide to pay for the ticket of the person behind me. It was a young couple, they looked so in love, as I pay for their ticket I notice the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger. So, I decided to have a flash giveaway.


Here it is, a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card. I am thrilled, let’s see how many entries I get. I need more that 10 entries to make it all worth while.2016 will be a giveaways kind of year for this Latin Mama Living in the South. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from my home to yours!!! 

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