Finally…December is here….

Time for the decorations, hot cocoa, and gifts for my kiddos.

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I love Christmas, is one of my favorite times of the year.  Back home, in Puerto Rico, we celebrate BIG, with lots of family 🙂

Here in South Carolina, is only the four of us…and sometimes we include my brothers-in-law and their respective families.  Family time is always great and welcome.

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This year the kiddos put up the Christmas tree, and then we all decorated the house.  It was so nice to see the kids work together, yes, their was a little bit of arguing here and there 🙂 but you know what the heck…they are siblings…and that is what they do.

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This year, I wanted a new topper for the tree, so my daughter and I drove to Kirklands and we bought this awesome tree topper…I am madly in love with that store 🙂

Another great thing, for us, is that shopping is complete!!!! We have all the presents for the kids and I cannot wait to start wrapping their gifts.

I am very excited for all the gifts we have for our kids.  I am also very excited because my DSS kids are also getting some presents.  The place where my husband works, decided to have an angel tree, and yes, my DSS kids are the lucky ones to be on their tree.  My husband’s co workers agreed to buy presents for all the children I have on my case load (about 55 or so)…so I am super excited to know that when they wake up on Christmas morning they will, at least, have a little something under their tree 🙂

Christmas is all about family traditions, love, friends, and making the little ones BELIEVE…so why not pay it FORWARD.

This mama is loving some Christmas time!!!!!

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