Feminist? Nah, just realistic!


I came across Maya Angelou’s quote and I could not help but to think about something my son has been saying out loud, a lot, lately “You are raising a feminist”. I was surprised to hear him say those words, because I do not think I am raising a feminist. I do see feminist tendencies in my daughter, but she is her own self, she has developed her personality and although I do not agree 100% with the things she believes in, likes, or says…I do respect her individuality and the young lady she has become.

Sadly, in a world dominated by man, I have taught my daughter to be independent to fight for what she wants to be outspoken, without been disrespectful. I have taught her that she is as equal as anybody else, man or woman, that the sky is the limit and that she should not fear trying out new things. If that is making her a feminist then I am guilty as charge. I have raised my children or I should say, I have tried to raise my children to be thinkers. To look and listen and then decide. I have hope that when their father and I are no longer around they will conduct themselves in a respectful manner, and they will not let anyone walk all over them.

By the same token, I have attempted to teach my son to be a gentleman. A southern gentleman that is! There is no way we can take the country out of my boy (and I love that). He also has created his own, he has his likes and dislikes and is a bit adamant about the role a woman should play (totally against what I am when it comes to been an independent woman). Although he is on the quiet side, he seems to be inclined to the “man work woman stay home” kind of mentality. Which I am totally against, but I do have to respect who he is…I keep trying to influence him as to the importance of being supportive of a woman’s dreams and desires. That there is nothing wrong if a woman wants to be educated and wants to help financially. I will continue pitching to him the fact that man and woman are equal.

Needless to say that I believe that God created us and we are equal and we should always respect the wants and needs of our significant others. That just because we became a couple does not mean that we stop been who we are as individuals. I do not believe in the bullshit phrase “we are one”…when we tied the knot…because we are NOT…we are two different people who decided to give it a shot at living life together, committed to one and other…respecting each other.

I don’t think I am a feminist…for me a feminist is a man hatter and I do not hate man, I love and respect manhood and all that entails. Just funny how my son came, all on his own, so opinionated about my daughter been a feminist

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