February…Red Roses, Love, Romance, Etc


February…the month we celebrate LOVE.

Well, my husband spoils me every year, every holiday, every birthday…and we both spoil our children.

It is nice to have someone to care about you, to go out of their way to demonstrate how much they actually care about you.  A simple hug, a simple smile, a Happy Valentine’s Day, a rose, a gift….these are things that we can do for each other. It doesn’t have to just be your loved one.  How about hugging a friend?  How about sending a sweet message to someone you know?  How about smiling to a total stranger? Or, giving a rose to a stranger. Can you imagine! How a simple act of kindness can mean so much to someone.

Challenge yourself…this year for Valentine’s Day do a random act of kindness.  Then stop for a second, and analyze how that act of kindness made you feel. I bet that you are going to feel so good…you will want to do it over and over again 🙂

Love is meant to be share, multiply, spread love…you don’t only have to love your spouse or your family. You can love that homeless veteran, who, you know served our country yet he/she found themselves in a bad spot.  You can also love that terminally ill patient, who was diagnosed with cancer, and he has no one to go visit him at the hospital.  You can also love, that sad child you see standing in a corner, who perhaps, have no one that loves him/her.

Challenge yourself….I AM TOTALLY doing something random this February 14…Stay tune 🙂

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