Fav Pinterest Finds of the day


Pinteresting today and these below were my favorite ones…

Lo fat healthy desert,Chocolate Fudge Coconut Bars, paleo friendly

Coconut and chocolate…you can’t go wrong with that

  How To: Brow Tutorial.... in awe. how are they so perfect

Some people need to take this and add it to their morning routine!!!!

Ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace." Spirit says, "Find you peace, and then everything will fall into place. - Marianne Williamson. #quote

Ego VS Spirit

Not sure if John Wayne really said this, but the words and the picture sure fit. The man of men...

Oh, you better believe it…If I fight…I WILL WIN!!!

 10 minutes and 4 Ingrediens to make this #Romantic Mini heart #cookies filled with strawberry jam #dessert recipe

Excellent idea for my kids valentines 

sending you s'more love. Cute table goodies. (Was going to do this for my wedding but thought i would share)

Gifts for some of my SC friends

 Valentines Day Decor burlap wreath XOXO by TheSeptemberTree, $78.00

I would like this in my front door

 blonde hair with dark highlights - Google Search

My next hair color!!!! Can’t wait!!!

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