Escaping your reality

While Charlie was able to find an escape from his pain, Holden continued to run from his problems, never realizing that his problems always followed, which truly stopped him from ever finding his freedom.

Life doesn’t come with instructions…therefore, we will make mistakes. The lesson should be how we recover from those mistakes, those disappointing situations we create…yes, we create…because we put ourselves in situations that have the possibility of bringing disappointment, stress, and hurt to your life. I guess we can think, well, that its life…and it is!

When you go from being a people’s person to wanting to disappear into a cave, into a faraway place…then you know that life is full of unexpected pain. Trusting others is almost impossible, just trust yourself…trust your instinct…nothing and no one else.

Separating yourself from people can be very depressing…but it can also be a rewarding experience…especially when you find yourself surrounded by calm and peace. When you can actually sit still and enjoy the quietness, the silence around you. It will be normal to be afraid first, but then, then you start enjoying that FREEDOM…then you look back and that is when you know you made the right decision.

I crave silence, I crave loneliness…I crave my space…the time will come when that it’s all I will need to be fully happy…free from people who envy you, free from schedules and plans…free, at last.


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