Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

40 Easy to Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas:

The magic of mason jars, you can pretty much do anything with them.  Mason jars, black construction paper and a battery operated light…you can have some awesome luminaries.

Suspend witch hats from the ceiling and prop a rustic broom against the wall for a simple yet eerie entryway look.:

Suspend witch hats from the ceiling with some clear fishing line and you’ll be surprise how awesome it looks!

Tomato Cage Ghosts ~ Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures:

This particular crafter used tomato cages to create the ghost effect.  I think that was very clever, then get a white sheet and cut out the eyes from some old scraps and there you have it…a nicely done ghost.

DIY Halloween Milk Jug Jack-O-Lantern - OrientalTrading.com  A fun and easy craft, these jugs are a great addition to your Halloween décor! Line your porch and windows for the trick-or-treaters, or use as party decorations at your next fall event! And with our orange lights or glow sticks inside, you'll be at ease knowing they're fire-free!:

Milk jugs jack-o-lanterns…so cool!!! I will use a glow stick on Halloween night to keep them glowing.

Candy corn wine bottle, what will they think of next!:

I feel bad throwing away used bottles, so here we have a great idea.  This person did an awesome job, it looks easy enough!

Would make a fun bulletin board...

Love to decorate the front door, and there are so many, easy ways to do it. Check this out, just with some paper plates, duck tape and some mache paper, you have a spooky door decor.

How cute is this??:

A couple of pumpkins, leaves and branches can create a spooky scene for your yard…love it!

Just keep it cheap and simple…have fund….and you can still create awesome Halloween decor with items you already have at home!!!

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