Driving to South Carolina


In a couple of hours I will be driving to beautiful South Carolina. It’s my brother’s graduation at Ft. Jackson, and I am driving my mother to see him. Last minute plans took my husband to Pennsylvania, creating a bit of last-minute stress…and the teenagers are going with me. Not an ideal situation, but since we do not have any family in Mississippi we cannot leave them at home. Just added stress, not only for the long drive at night…but the fact that my kids are missing three days of school…that does frustrates the heck out of my husband and I.

Driving to South Carolina is not as exiting as I was anticipating. The more I think about it, the less interested I am in driving around the place. I am just ready to settle at home, with my newfound stay-at-home job, doing a lot of the things I have neglected…like my health! So, I will endure the trip, then come back home and start taking care of ME.

South Carolina means a lot to me and my family. It’s the place the kids know as HOME. Is where they began making friends, creating memories and living their lives. They miss a lot of their friends, however, they decided not to stay in touch much. I guess is less painful that way, they have moved on (for the most part) and have created a new space to call “home”. I am glad they will, perhaps, get to see some of the people that they love. Like my friend Alma, she is like family, for sure I will go see her, she was such a big influence and help in my child’s upbringing.

Due to my brother’s scheduled my plans were totally changed (another reason why I hate “plans”). Now, instead of enjoying beautiful Charleston, I will be stuck in Columbia…which is OK…but, I will miss the sand and the beautiful ocean, not to mention Folly Beach amazing sunsets. Another frustrating thing has been the lack of communication between my brother and I, or even my mother, is almost like I am doing all the work and I am going blind! Have no idea what to expect…good thing…my hubby is not going…I don’t think he would have been pleased with the havoc. I am trying very hard to keep a positive attitude cause starting a 9-hour drive with a bad attitude can only make things worst.

Stay tuned…I promise to take lots of pictures to share with you all.

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