Don’t play victim!!!!

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Today I was listening to this radio station and they were reading something, like messages people send to other people on Craigslist, and they expect the messages to be read by those people.  So, this chick, wrote a message to an ex-boyfriend, I think they spend three years together or so and the guy was not at all into her…so finally he broke up the so-called relationship.  The girl wrote in the message that she never understood why he did not love her. That she has now moved on to a better relationship…anyways it got me thinking….What the hell do you care? If he was not into you, you should not have bother with him.  What is wrong with having some self-worth? It angers me how woman, and yes I have to say woman, are so bitter when a relationship ends.  I mean if you were so dumb to not realize the guy was with you as a last resort, if you decided to waste all those years hoping and waiting for the infamous “I love you” then shame on you.  A woman knows when a guy is into her!!!! 

That was that!  It pisses me off how hypocrite people can be, how the paint themselves as angels, like the are just a genuine friend, a loving person, wish you well, blah, blah, blah…really.  Have some self-respect and do not put yourself in that kind of situation.  If you chose to waste your time, then own it and accept that it did not work out…don’t go blaming the other person involved…take responsibility! No one forced you to stay…you chose yourself.

A relationship is about two people equally invested in one another.  It’s about loving yourself first and then allowing another person to love you for who you are. Seriously… I was so aggravated listening to that whining person…the worst part is that it was not a teen or young adult it was a grown woman in her mid-thirties!!!! After hearing her bitching and complaint from what felt like an eternity I just changed the radio station….I can see a young person maybe late teens early 20’s dealing with something like that, but come one…a 34-35 year old woman. No, that made me want to throw up!

Lesson learned: Never to waste my time listening to that radio station again!

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