Don’t be scared to try new things

I love roadside vendors especially if they are selling food. Here are some pictures of some yummy food I found on the roadside in Puerto Rico. Those turnovers are stuffed with seafood, beef, and chicken. I grabbed one of each, amongst other things, and my daughter and I had lunch.

That lady is the cook, she starts cooking early in the morning and stays under that tin roof, under a beaming sun, making some earnest money to support her family. The food was so good!!!

You can see the wood burning, there is a shed where they keep all the wood.

So, next time you go away from home, don’t be afraid of trying new things. You can observe, make sure the place is not filthy…look at the quality of the food…if the locals are there…more likely is because the place is a good place. Enjoy some good food and help a hard-working person making a living legally…the next day I drove by the same place, and her daughters were helping…loved it!

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