Donald Trump ~ vs~ Hillary Clinton


It seems that the battle will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In my opinion, neither of the candidates is worth a damn. Sadly those are the two choices we have.

What do I think about Donald Trump?

Well, I do not like Mr. Trump. I understand his desire to be the voice of many frustrated Americans. The economy, immigration, healthcare, etc I get it!!!! I sincerely understand…what I cannot understand is how this country (Republicans to be more specific) voted for someone so tasteless, with no filter, no class, so disrespectful…is really an embarrassment.

What do I think about Hillary Clinton?

I believe Mrs. Clinton is well-educated, super intelligent, ambitious, well-spoken, knowledgeable…but, she is not trustworthy. I believe Mrs. Clinton would make a better President, however, I do not think this country is prepared for a female president.

I am not into politics, is not something I enjoy. But, this primaries have been so publicize that you can’t help but know a bit of whats going on.

My prediction is….that no matter who gets elected, we are in for a lot of trouble. It does not matter who gets elected, it is safe to say, America will never be the same. Our Society will change. We can only pray that we, as intelligent individuals, make the right choices and decisions for our families. That we stay united as Americans and that we respect every culture, race and ethnic group living in the land of the FREE.

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