Do I know you?


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One way we can get to know each other is by sharing how we are currently living life. I got his idea from The Pear Blog!!!

Reading: The Bible

Writing: About family, friends, and my adventures in the south

Playing: Word Tornado on FB, totally hooked

Watching: Big Brother, and shoes with my husband

Trying: not to lose my mind

Cooking: Nothing today, it’s going to be a KFC night

Drinking: Coffee and water

Eating: Less than usual, right now some Famous Amos cookies

Calling: No one

Pinning: Friendship quotes, recipes, and clothes I like

Tweeting: Piping Oils for my troubled skin

Doing: Working at the moment and writing this in between calls

Going: Baseball practice

Loving: My children

Hating: Circumstances

Re-discovering: Myself

Enjoying: Nothing at the moment, nothing lately

Thinking: About SC and PR, and how much I want a weekend away

Feeling: Overwhelmed with life

Missing: Friends and family

Hoping: A better understanding of life

Listening: to Co-workers talk

Celebrating: that I am breathing

Smelling: Nothing

Thanking: God

Considering: Making some changes

Starting: To believe again…to forgive and to forget

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