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Love this look!

Love the BOHO style

dishwasher magnet. I need this so my husband will stop asking. Hahaha!

Love it!!! My kids claim that they do not know if the dishes are clean or dirty…so they place the dirty dishes in the sink. This little magnet would fix that problem

ilike this one a lot.....love the placement and even the little bit of color/// FAVORITE!!!!!

I want a tattoo…I just don’t think I can take the pain. This tattoo would be perfect…totally love the placement!!!

<3 Snoopy... ...

I miss a lot of people, some in NC, some in SC, some in PR…but the one I miss the most if in Heaven…

Bermeja Dress, Roman Sandals | Travel. might have to get some again, if they are just right!

Love the entire outfit

Quiet women turn me on.. Quiet in public but chatty when we kick it

The moment my son sees that I am quiet…the first thing that comes out of his mouth is….Are you mad?

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are. #quote

Those who experience who I really am…have a spot in my heart

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