Democracy…I believe in it!

Inform yourself. Better yet, support initiatives that educate others, because that's the best security for your own well-being in a democracy.:

Politics is a dirty job, but here lately it has turn into a dangerous circus.  Regardless of who you support, you should never resort to violence to express your opinions.  We live in a democracy for a reason, it has work so far, so, whether we like it or not someone will be elected President and it is our duty as Americans to support or Commander-in-Chief.  


I do not support Donald Trump, as a matter of fact, I have a very raw and nasty opinion about him, however, I do respect our 1st Amendment and rallying against him in a way that will interfere with his and his supporters freedom of speech is plain and simple wrong!  It is also wrong for Mr. Trump to insult people from different backgrounds and cultures.  There are consequences for our actions and when you decided to run for office you are subject to strong criticism.  A good leader would not encourage people to be violent, a good leader will find a way to communicate.


I do not support any of the candidates to be honest!  I sort of like Marco Rubio but I also think that he started campaigning strong a little too late.  Ted Cruz is not much different from Trump, perhaps a bit more professional and intelligent but that is about it.  The guy from Ohio, I can’t even remember his name…that says a lot!


Hillary Clinton has too much baggage, I really do not know how she is able to run for President when she has committed a crime against our own.  Those emails do not lie, and there is no justification for her actions. Bernie, is a little too old and fragile, he has some OK ideas, but he has not been able to convince me. 

Regardless of who become President of this wonderful nation,  I will be totally supportive and respectful towards him/her…because I believe in DEMOCRACY…and if the majority of the people elects someone I do not agree with…so be it!  

'Jefferson: Democracy Will Cease To Exist Tile Coa Tile Coaster by MarshEnterprises:


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