Decision, decisions, decisions…






That moment when you have to face unexpected situations…yeah, exactly where I’m at!   Having to play different scenarios in my head, think about the possible outcomes, and then see what the possibilities are…and that is not my thing!

I am more of an adventurer…you will think that after being married for 13 years, and after being the mother of two amazing human beings…planning, and thinking ahead would be something I’ll be good at…well, I can do it….I just don’t enjoy living life like that.  For me, if you plan everything ahead, you lose the surprised factor.  Who does that?

Let’s see…let me plan my day today…I will get up, dressed, and go to work.  At work I will be working on 5 particular case…well, right there is the 1st problem…I can decide to work on 5 cases and have 5 other families just popping up at the office or calling on the phone…then my plan just went to hell.

OK, let’s plan a vacation…my planning go as far as accommodations and budget for the trip.  That is about it…I am not going to do research on restaurants and things to do…that defeat the purpose…how about we just go and explore what is around? How about we wait till we are hungry to decide what to eat? I mean, really, I know people that plan the entire week down to what they are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily!!!! That is a job itself.

We, as a family, have 5 life-changing things lingering in the air.  Nothing set in stone, but all five things are things that must be consulted upon as a family, then the decision will be made by mom and dad.  In the mean- time, I am expected to live normally without having to worry about those five things…until decision time.  Three of those things will require a full blown commitment from all members of the family.  So, it is something that cannot and will be no taken slightly.


More on that at a different time…for now…I just needed to clear my mind a little…

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