Dear Mr. Moscato

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Dear Mr. Moscato,

I am writing this message to let you know how glad I am we were introduced.  I must say, it has been an amazing adventure, from sip to sip, to get to fully know you.  Relaxation, carefree, smiles and giggles are some of the things you make me feel.  Our relationship is so perfect!

Although we do not hang out often, when we do, you make yourself known!  Last night, was a very enjoyable evening, it was like that because you were in my hand, the fragrance that comes from you makes me want to drink you more and more.  The more I pour you in my mouth, the less I am aware of how much is left…and then…it’s all gone.

Thank you for making my evening a precious one.  Thanks for numbing the things I do not want to feel, for taking away all the worries, for been so available, for providing a sense of relaxation I cannot have otherwise.

Until we meet again…



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