Cute and easy Easter ideas

Follow the bunny  He has the chocolate

I remember when my children were younger that I used to make their plates silly and cute.  I used to arrange their food in silly faces or just plain and simple funny things.  It always made them smile and it was a good starter conversation at the table.  So, here are some Pinterest ideas for Easter 2016.  If you have small children, take the time to make special things that they will always remember…like bunny pancakes and stuff 🙂

Miss Colleen and I will try this tomorrow morning!!!:



I've made cookies like this with butterscotch and chocolate chips before - but these are super cute for an Easter version!:

Such a cute Easter idea using cinnamon rolls!:

Purple Easter Bunny Peeps in Twinkie cars with Oreo wheels for preschool treats / snacks::

Flock Cakes, Stunning Sheep Inspired Cup Cakes:


I plan on making the bunny pancakes for my teenagers, they are going to be totally surprised!!!!

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