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Currently I am in my bed, sick, watching CNN wishing I could breathe through my nose.  So, currently I am thinking…

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Why would anyone with a brain, self-respect, and love for others would even consider voting for Donald Trump…such an embarrassment.

Between Kleenex, TheraFlu, Nose Wash, Sudaphed, orange juice, rest and more rest…I sure hope I feel better to go to work tomorrow.

I have to fix dinner, and although I know what am making…I feel too weak to step in the kitchen.

The kids did not say goodbye to me this morning, that bugs me, Jason said that he did not want to bother me…I understand, but I do not like for my kiddos to step out of the house without saying goodbye.

I really have so much to do, and I really can’t function right with all the snot I have in my head, my gosh, why am I not feeling better!!!

Well, Humira does affect your immune system, I believe that is the reason I got sick.  Jason was the first one sick, and I slept in the guest room two consecutive nights and I still got sick. 

I have some ideas for my blog, but I have to wait till I feel better to get onto that.

So, that is my rant today….just what I have in my head at the moment.  I sure hope your day is going well, hopefully mine will get better soon.


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