Currently in my thick skull…

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Currently in my thick skull I have some random things floating around, bouncing all over my skull.

  1.  Marco Rubio…I did not like him, then, I watched the debate last night and he impressed me.  I was impressed at how strong he came after Donald Trump.  I, for the 1st time heard him explain why he is not in favor of Puerto Rico declaring bankruptcy.  It took me a couple of hours to digest his explanation, but after sleeping on it, I realized he is right.  Why bailed out my island, give it a clean slate, if the government has not demonstrated any changes in the ways the run government.  I mean, it would be like giving them a clean slate, for them to go bankrupt again.  I believe the “leaders” in the island, should come forward with a doable plan to bring Puerto Rico’s economy back up.  It is a shame, that due to some individuals, a beautiful place like PR is in the stage it is.  Shame on all of the ones who have contributed to that! All politicians, who are bathing in dollars while the people of Puerto Rico struggle to find jobs and put food on their tables. Well, enough on that issue.
  2. Its Friday, and although I am excited about not having to get up early in the morning to go to work, there are other things…like chores…that need to get done…and I sure don’t feel like doing them.
  3. Applying for jobs…I have applied for jobs, like 4 different jobs…and just the application process has proven to be an exhausting one.  I will continue applying, just because I am tired of being dormant, doing a job that does not make me feel like I am bettering myself as a professional.  I totally love the people I work with, but I miss working with children…I miss public service…I want to go back to that.
  4. Baseball, Oh my God, I literally cannot wait for baseball season to start in the Mid-South.  Our first tournament is scheduled for April 7…that is too many weeks away…I wish we could play this weekend…even if it was a scrimmage…but, I am not the coach…I am just an eager mom…so I will keep my mouth shut and wait for the coach to decide what the team is doing.
  5. AVON, I have an order…so cool! I am excited! I really like AVON…I have like an emotional attachment to the little book filled with goodness…it reminds me of my grandmother…who is the first woman I ever saw ordering from the AVON catalog.  Love how the company keep it in the “NOW”, new products, modern accessories, cater to all ages, I mean what is not to like about the company?
  6. Dinners…such a bummer lately!!!! I mean I have two teenagers that have totally different tastes on foods.  As much as I love to cook, I get tired of pleasing everybody. Lately I have not even been cooking as much as I would like to…that is super frustrating for me!!!
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