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Currently trying not to get sad….made the mistake of getting in the scale last night…and I could not sleep!!! Lord…why do I like to cook and eat so much!!! Needless to say that I have decided to eat salad and taste-less chicken for the next couple of weeks.  I am not about been skinny, I like to be thick…but I also know what being at a very unhealthy weight can do to you, not only emotionally but also physically.

Cooking for me is about developing great flavors, I have never been one that sacrifices taste for health. But, in order to get to a happy number on my scale I will have to sacrifice a lot of tasty ingredients for something more boring, less tasty, and less fattening…to see if I can drop some pounds.

Weight gain can affect oneself in so many ways. For me, is not so much about the looks as to how I feel. When I get to the point where I can no longer sleep good, tired easy and cannot keep up with the normal things I am to do on a daily basis…that is when I know its time to take serious action.

So, today I will begin my salad eating life (lol)…later on, I will add some other veggies. Staying away from rice, bread and pasta will be the real test…but I can do it!!!! Watch me!!! I know I can…So, that is my current status…that is what I have in my head today…so stay tuned!!!

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