Most of my writing is done at night, when it's peaceful and quiet and I can have an entire thought without being interrupted. Unfortunately, the cat & dog don't seem to understand that concept, and run around like wild-ass apes.  Never a dull moment...

Currently I am seating in my living room, enjoying the peace and quiet, after almost two weeks of chaos, with the hubby and kids….while they waited for the winter storm to pass, nothing like enjoying a delicious cup of fresh coffee.

So, this morning I took the kids to school and then I drove to TJ Maxx and Ross.  At Ross I found some goodies that I plan to use in the hallway, leading to the kids rooms.  Just some motivation and decor for that area of the house.

I also found some stuff for Jason and a few shirts for the kids, at excellent prices, love a great deal!

After a little shopping,  I stopped at the grocery store and bought some things for dinner.  I came across a recipe on Pinterest for Crock-pot chicken and dumplings; I have never made chicken and dumplings.  The recipe called for a few items that I did not have available, so I bought them.  Right now, the crock-pot is doing its magic. The recipe is very simple and judge by the looks of the pictures posted and all the extra seasoning I put in the pot 🙂  the recipe promise to be a success. I got the idea for the recipe from “All things delicious” (she has pretty good recipes in her blog).

Later on, I am hoping to take the boy to get a haircut and then we have baseball practice. We were hoping to play a tournament this weekend, but after all the winter madness we dealt with, the fields are impossible, they are soaked and muddy, and the weather man decided to call for rain and thunderstorms…so we will have to stay put, and hope that things will go back to normal, before we can play.

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