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Currently I am seating in my living room, watching Criminal Minds and typing this post.  I am also still trying to get used to my new laptop and thinking hard about something I sort of want to pursue.

Currently I am thinking about my sore feet, I decided to wear the wrong flip-flops to the baseball fields and now I am paying for it.  The bottom of my feet hurts!!!

Currently I am waiting for Janie and Jason to get home so they can tell me all about Janie’s choir performance.

Currently I am thinking that we have to be back at the baseball field at 7AM.

Currently I am thinking that today’s game was a God’s sent message to my son. You see, lately he has been doubting himself, he has been down, he has not been playing…he believed the other kids are better players than him.  Needless to say, that after today’s game, he was able to see how the other players made plenty of mistakes, and finally he realized he is just as good as the rest.  Finally he realized that he is an excellent player and I saw traces of his confidence come back.  For many years we told him to be humble, and now that he is, I wish I had never said that to him. He needs to be confidence about his game…I think that confidence is coming back.

Currently I am thinking about the future, we know there are changes coming again.  Although we want, or I should say, I want to stay positive there are times during the day when fear strikes…but…one thing I have is my stubbornness and my faith the Lord.  He will always be there, no matter what, leading our path.

Currently I am happy I did not have to fix dinner.

Currently I am staring at my beautiful home, I do have a beautiful house, the perfect size for my little family and our pets.

Currently I am thinking that in 16 days I will be turning 42 and other than some minor body aches I still feel young. I feel centered, and I love that.

Currently I am smiling, thinking about all my blessings…God gave me healthy children, and amazing husband and three beautiful cats.  We have survived the beginning of teenager-hood and we are looking forward to enjoying our children to the max, to savor the small things in life, to pay it forward and to make it happen.

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