Confidence…Own it!

I was listening to a friend, a couple of weeks ago, and she was talking so badly about her body.  Mind you this gorgeous friend is a single mother of two little Rugrats who has the most amazing heart.  My friend was talking about how she is always doing crazy diets and none seem to work.  My friend is a gorgeous “plus” woman.  I try to explain to her that she needs to look at herself in the mirror, naked, from head to toes…and say out loud all the positive things she sees in the mirror –no negatives allowed- .  My friend freaked out…I told her…is super simple…you have all your limbs, beautiful skin color, curves (curves are a good thing people), beautiful smile, nice hair, an amazing brain…I mean I just started pointing out all the good things about her.

To walk around with an ego is a bad thing

I explained to her that beauty starts from within; sometimes one must be selfish and take the time to learn and love ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds in our bellies, or thighs, or arms, I mean we are all different and we all have our own unique beauty.  Others will see you as you want them to see you.  If you are confident, secure, and in love with the human being you are…others will see you exactly like that.

I was always looking outside


There is nothing wrong with putting yourself together!  Image does wonders when you are trying to build up the” new confident you”.  Invest in a couple of outfits (that really make you feel good about yourself) it does not have to be anything expensive.  I mean you can find cool stuff at Walmart and even at thrift stores.  Take the time; make the time, to fix yourself before you leave the house.  I don’t care if you are just going to pump gas at the gas station…do not leave the comfort of your home looking like you just woke up or like you are just going to bed. Hello!

It's Not Who You Are That Holds You Back

As a Latina in the US, I found myself letting go of my image when I was in the service. After all, as soon as I woke up I was wearing boots and fatigues.  After three years of the same routine, I struggled with fashion and stuff.  I was already a mother of two kids in diapers, so I did not “have the time” to care about myself…then I noticed that I did not love myself anymore.  Then, I started looking back and what had changed in my life that cause me to stop caring about me.  Well, a lot changed…I was not physically fit anymore; I was a mother and a wife struggling financially.

true confidence leaves no room for jealousy

One day I told myself…snap out of it!  I started with my hair, I have always have good hair, that is what I get compliments on all the time.  So, I started fixing my hair!  Then I started applying a little bit of make-up (I hate make-up), the last thing I worked on was the clothes.  In my mind, I was still a normal size –what Society deems the normal is-; well, the stores let me know very quickly that 16 was my new normal.  I hated it for the longest time!

Confidence is beautiful no matter

Today, I don’t care, I love me!  Yes, I have to work a little extra to find the outfits that compliment my body, accentuate my curves in the right places, at a good price.  But, I have managed to accomplish that.  Do I wish I could go back to my pre mother-hood size, ABSOLUTELY! My weight and curves does not determine who I am! I determine who I am…and I am a Curvy Latina living in the South, wife and mother of two, who lives a BUSY life, and still make sure that I look the part wherever I go.  Remember ladies, we dress for the other ladies, we do not dress for the man…Females are the ones that are constantly judging woman.  For men, we undress…well, that is another topic (that I probable never discuss here out of respect for my hubby).

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