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Keep them coming!!! Every time someone leaves a comment on my blog…I love it!  Gaining an audience has been growing and growing lately and I love it.  Like I said in the past, writing is a passion I have inside, and the fact that it allows me to share my thoughts with the whole wide world is a great feeling.

Regardless of whether you agree with what I have to say, I have nothing but respect for you. You, who take the time to browse the net and read my blog.  Having a voice is something that has always set me apart from others.  Being opinionated, goofy and serious, happy and sad, positive and angry…that is what makes me human.  That is the reason you keep coming back…for that I THANK YOU!

I you ever want to suggest any topics, if you are curious about something, if you want to share something with me…just leave me a comment…I promise that I will reply 🙂

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