Co-workers/Friends for life…

Working with awesome coworkers makes the difference between a sick call and showing up:

I have to say, I have wonderful co-workers.  I guess is safe to say that I have always had great co-workers…in every job I’ve had.  I am just a lucky gal! 

Here we laugh, we stress, we are loud then quiet, we all have different backgrounds and we are almost all girls…only one guy and he is pretty nice.

Sometimes I get caught up in the not so positive way of thinking because of all the times I have had to switch jobs, but when you think about it…its more like a blessing.  I have met some of the most amazing people in my life, because of the job. So, I am blessed!

I always miss the co-workers/friends I left behind in SC and NC and even in PR.  But it’s all good, we will always remain friends, and that is all that matter to me.  To know that those friends are a phone call away or a message away is a pretty cool feeling. No matter what life throws at us…we will always be there for each other.

Love your life, what you have, and all the good and the bad because it all serves a purpose and at the end its meant to make you be a better person.

Just saying…

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