Co-workers…my friends…I totally love them!

May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings. Merry Christmas:

Throughout my life I have met amazing people at work. Some of them became my best friends for life. Sometimes you make a connection with a special someone and create an unbreakable bond. I have my lovely friend Lisa, whom I worked with at Probation/Parole in NC. I have my dear friend Kathy, who I met at the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. I have my friend Pat whom I met at Metso. I have my crazy friend Shonda whom I worked with at DSS…and now I am blessed with a group od ladies who literally rock my world. It is so cool to have people that genuinely care about you and your family. People that make you laugh and people who calm you down when you are losing your cool.

Lisa and I became friends immediately. We both interviewed for the job the same day and then we bunked in the same room during training. I learned so much from her, I still remember all the conversations we had about her then teenagers (now adults and married)…I can look back at those conversations and smile thinking how I am the one living this crazy teenage world. I love Lisa forever, she is like my sister. I do not see her anymore, too much distance between us, but our bond is always there. Thanks to FB we can stay in touch.

Kathy, well Kathy hired me! Then we became friends, and we spent some fun time together. We laugh and drank wine. Kathy help me be the person I am. She led by example, and although we became friends almost immediately she will correct me when I was wrong, and I appreciated that every single time. We live in different states now, but I know she will always be there for me and she knows I am always here for her.

Pat, well I met him in January 2012…I was at my lowest in life, after losing my job…I started working at Metso, where he was a buyer. He was kind enough to teach me about purchasing orders and a little about SAP.I struggled a lot emotionally because of the job loss, my mind was not in the right place. Pat, with patience, laughter and empathy helped me by talking to me, listening to me and sharing his contagious laughter. We talk, a lot, about our children and life experiences. Another person who I hold close to my heart, in another state, but thanks to FB we can stay in touch.

Shonda, OMG! What can I say about her!!! I just love her so much. She and I share so many crazy moments at DSS. We laughed so much and share some moments or pure sadness too, but we always managed to lift each other. We were like Bony and Clyde (she was Clyde). We shared some of the same experiences, both soldiers, both police officers and both opinionated, strong females. We will always be friends, we talk on the phone, we chat on FB, we text a lot. I miss her and I want her to know how important she is in my life, even in the distance. I love you girl!!! I can write a book, we have done it all…from picking berries from the road to been stop by the po-po many, many times. All great memories!

Today I think about how blessed I am to have met all these people. They all shape, in one way or another, the person that I am today.  I learned and continue to learn so much from each of you. I wish nothing but the best for you all, I hope all your dreams come true, I hope you continue to live a healthy and happy life. I love you all 🙂

To my newfound co-workers, becoming my friends, if you make that list, I promise you I will be, not only your friend, but I will be another family member. For me, my friends are my family.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my friends.

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