Christmas Wish List

My honey always spoil me during Christmas…and to be honest…Mother’s day, Birthdays, and any other day we go shopping.  He always ask me what I want and I never have a real answer for him.  So, since I am bored out of my mind…I decided to put together a list of things I want for Christmas 🙂

Christmas Wreath Ideas | Craft Ideas / Candy Cane Holiday Wreath Christmas-Next craft day!   Elf Wreath  Deco Mesh by BsHandmadeItems on Etsy    Beautiful Living Style: Weekend Project: Burlap Art Fleece Blanket       Pewter Grey Double Buckle Boots  Custom Hand Towel | Monogrammed Preppy Towel | Personalized Towels       Would love to do this with my family. We'd probably add the dogs paw print too!

Those are some of the ideas I am giving my honey…it doesn’t have to be exact, but similar 🙂

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