Christmas Eve Wishes






 Christmas Eve is finally here and although I am writing this while I am at my lunch break at work, I am at peace. I am very thankful for the peace and calm that surrounds me. I pray and hope that others are able to find their own peace.


Peace and happy has to be found from within, not from something or someone. The moment you realize you are your own destiny, is the moment you can start facing life and be fearless. If you continue your dependency in that “someone”, you will be condemned to always have a secondary person by your side… to live your own life.


Make a promise to yourself, promise that you will love yourself, exactly how you are. Promise yourself that there is no reason to be sad, to be unwanted, to feel vulnerable at all times. Allow yourself to feel, and allow yourself to accept life as it comes to you.


My wish for myself and many other individuals out there is to have a happy life, to love, to laugh and to live out loud. You only live once! May you have a very, merry Christmas!






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