Childhood Friends…

I am blessed to have friends all over the place. I have some, that stay in touch via FB, and lately we have been communicating about food…taking pictures of the foods we make, the healthy and non-healthy choices we make…etc

So, I am attaching a couple of the pictures of the foods we cook today.

This one came from my friend Yelitza Alvarez in Puerto Rico.  She made this soup, it has noodles and salchichon (a type of sausage very common in PR, is salty and it makes a delicious soup).

This one came from my friend Itzel, she currently resides in Maryland.  White rice, red beans is Puerto Rico main dish, she accompany the dish with some chicken fingers.

This one came from my friend Brenda Roman, who resides, with her beautiful family in New York. Imagine how cold it is up north, so she made some chicken, noddle soup…it looks so tasty!

Then we have Sylmarie Mendez in Florida, who make this amazing Puerto Rican dish!!! Sweet Plantains and ground beef casserole…In PR we call it “Pastelon”.

I made some chicken stew and white rice and I accompany with fried plantains.

Nothing like having friends to share our day to day, I love this girls, most of us have known each other since 6th grade.

We also have Doc Roses, she is the physician, and she specializes in mixing….liquor that is 🙂  She has yet to prove her culinary skills.  We love her dearly!  Hopefully we can get together soon, it would be awesome for all of us to be in the same place at the same time…once again.  Love you my dear friends 🙂

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