Chicken Broth for the Soul


Chicken broth is a staple in my kitchen.  I usually get the store-bought chicken broth because is cheap and easy to just grab and use.  However, today, I decided to make my own chicken broth.  I have some memories of my maternal grandmother making chicken soup when her loved ones were sick.  She would go all the way our, from killing the chicken to plucking its feathers to making the soup…needless to say, that although a bit icky, the soup was delicious! I won’t kill the chicken nor would I pluck the feathers 🙂  (If I was on the island, chances are, I’ll do it!).  I decided to make the broth because I was getting a whole chicken to make my sick son some chicken noodle soup.

Making the broth is super easy!  I gathered the chicken carcass and placed it in a pot with the following: onions, green peppers, cilantro, celery, yellow pepper, garlic, carrots, salt, pepper, and water. Add whatever vegetable left-overs you have at hand!  Bring everything to a boil. and let boil for a while.  Once the remaining chicken attached to the carcass is cooked, taste the broth.  If it needs salt, add some more.  I usually strain the liquid into a bowl, then discard the remaining veggies, but you can add those veggies into a blender, blend and then add back into the liquid, is a matter of preference! The broth is going to be delicious, and best of all, you know what is in it!

Chicken broth is something I love to drink when I am a little under the weather, it makes me get an energy boost!  Many people believe that bone broth is great for the immune system, it has plenty of minerals (calcium, potassium, etc), and is a great way to get a healthy dose of garlic and other veggies who are not necessarily delicious to eat but great for you.



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