Changes are not always good

6 Pieces of Advice on Job Hunting for People with Disabilities from Friendship Circle Blog. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.:

Yesterday I found out that my little crew at work will be moving to other cubicles…which means that my happy crew will not bet together anymore. Something as silly as that have me applying for other jobs.  Although I like the work that I do, is by far less complicated than any other jobs I’ve held in the past, I am not happy with the way management do things.

It bothers me that they make changes and keep the employees blind about those changes.  I am not used to work in an environment like that.  I love working in a team and having good leadership. When you are not content in your job, it’s time to move on. So, last night I apply to two other jobs, I am hoping that at least I get an interview. I will continue looking and hopefully the starts will align on my favor and something new will come up my way.

I still want to start working on my Master’s Degree, but after looking at the cost per credit hour I decided to wait a little longer.  I have not completely decided what I want to do…continue with my Criminal Justice studies or move into Counseling/Social Work.  My passion is working with children so I am thinking that Counseling is the best route to take…but, I am not ready to commit!

Today, I am at work, not happy…and that presents a real problem for me.  If you are not happy coming to work, is definitely time to move on. So, say a little prayer for me…a new job will be very welcome…I can always stay home…but why leave all the responsibility to my husband when I am healthy and capable of working and contributing to my household.

Anyways…that is my little rant of the day…

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