I do not like animals living in the house-I like animals; however I am not an animal lover. We started with my husband getting two-cats in NC. Odd enough, he came across a news ad, written by a college student, who own two cats. The college student had a new boyfriend who was allergic to cats. My husband decided to adopt the cats. I was not a happy camper, but the kids fell in love with the cats.

Then we had to move to SC and the lady who bought our NC home was an old, single woman who fell in love with one of the cats. I was able to convince the kids, and we let the older lady adopt one of the cats. I was feeling a lot better!

Then, my husband found out that he was going to be in Finland for 6-weeks and he felt bad for me, he said you need something to bring you happiness (mind you, I had two children under 5, to keep me happy) so on our normal trip to PetSmart, he walked by the cats…and he saw this black kitten…and in the blink of an eye….the kitten was in my house. So, back to two cats!

To make a long story short…we also had two dogs (one per child). JJ’s dog ran away and he was so heart-broken, I felt bad. I was away with the Army Reserves when the dog ran away…I was telling the story to a friend, who happens to rescue animals. My friend told me about this gorgeous cat she rescued…again…in the blink of an eye…there was cat #3 in the house (that was almost 7 years ago). Sad thing was, after getting the cat for JJ…his dog came back. JJ is not shy to tell that her cat, Fluffy, is the best gift he has ever got.

Cat #4 arrived after the passing of my daughter’s Chihuahua. Janie was depressed, she could not stop crying, and she said she would feel better with another pet. I said no to dogs, because I did not have the time or desired to house break a dog. So, Pinky (Cat #4) arrived to the Alexander’s home. Pinky at least has some manners, my daughter sort of trained Pinky and he acts more like a dog than a cat 🙂

I was already depressed about having all those four-legged animals in my house. Then, one day, the next door neighbor, knocks on my door. My husband opened the door and I heard them talking, but I had no clue what the conversation was about. All of the sudden the kids come running into the kitchen, were I was cleaning dishes, and started talking super fast about this super tiny, all white, kitten. As the kids explain what the neighbor said, I see the neighbor walk away with this tiny white thing!!!! I freaked out and I asked Jason what it was. As soon as he explained, I told the kids to go get the kitten. I figured I could keep the kitten and then find it a home. That my friends is cat #5…I called it Little Girl and she is the most photograph, spoiled, cat that have ever lived. I still don’t like cats or animals inside my home.

I believe that once you bring a pet into your home, it becomes part of the family. The hassles of having animals living in the house become harder as time goes by. The cleaning, the expenses of feeding and providing the things the animals need…it really becomes another job. If it was up to my son, we would have a mini-zoo. JJ is an animal lover and he wants to hold, pet and shelter every stray animal he comes across. I am happy that the boy has such a great heart, but reality is we cannot shelter or keep any more animals. After these five cats…I am determined to say NO to any more pets…at least for a while.

If you have animals, love them and take care of them. But, before you agree to bring a pet into your home, do your homework; find out all the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a pet owner.

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