Can someone explain to me why they have the AC on when its 40 degrees outside?

my most often said phrase from october - march.:

I am confused!!! Why on Earth and office will have the air conditioner on, when its 40 degrees outside? I don’t know, maybe I missed the memo or something!!! We have people already sick, starting to feel sick…and they keep the A/C on…

I have been dealing with sick teenagers for more than a week, trying to stay well myself so I don’t have to miss work, but today I woke up with the worst headache, stuffy nose and that unbearable pressure in the forehead and cheeks that let you know that things will start going downhill pretty soon.

To top it off…super cold outside and inside…great combination.

Is there a reason why an office runs the AC during the winter? What is wrong with the heater?

One last thing….can summer please HURRY!!!! Skip Spring for all I care…I just need the sun shinning down on me and making me sweat a bit!



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