Bye November…Hello Life!

It was a beautiful long weekend. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a friend and it was peaceful, filled with laughter and lots of food.  Needless to say that I ended up cooking way too much food. Then Friday we pretty much watched some movies, relax some, then went shopping, ended up getting a poinsettia.  Saturday, we received the visit of my hubby’s step-sister, who spent the night with us. After catch up time, a bottle of wine, and some movies we called it a night. Sunday morning, our little girl Savanna came to visit us for a few minutes before heading back to Oklahoma with her mom. It was such a good quality time weekend, I will treasure every moment.


Sunday evening, as I laid next to my husband, we talked about the many blessings we have received throughout the years. Our lives have not been easy, we are just resilient, we refuse to give up or give in on situations that tests us as individuals, and as a couple. Life is full of surprises, full of sharp corners, but somehow, we have managed to keep moving forward.

I love my husband, and although many times I had doubts, I know believe that God blessed me with my man. I am just a good person because he is next to me, protecting me, caring for me, teaching me, supporting me , encouraging me, laughing with me, crying with me, he is  just what I always needed. I fought and fought, I always though I wanted to be a single woman forever, however, now…after all the years together, I am certain that I want him forever by my side.

2015 has been the most difficult year for my little family, we are still in that recovery phase, but we are recovering together, and that it’s OK. As long as we move forward, we will be OK. God and family first, always.

Thanksgiving is a time for love, reflection, understanding, acceptance and joy. Love your loved ones, be thankful for all you have…life is good, complicate, but good. Smile often, laugh, hug strangers, and live out loud.

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