Broken Families

This crazy Wednesday marks the 2nd work-day at the office this week. Yet, it feels like this week is non-stop, overwhelmingly, annoying –to say the least!

Cheers to South Carolina

From parents that decided to smoke a joint in front of their kids, to parents that have move, at least, seven times in a 3-month period, to parents that failed to provide their children with their basic needs…we have seen it all! Not to mentions the parents that chose to live in filth…
Then, we have to bring up all their dirty laundry in a room, full of total strangers, whose jaws drop to the floor in disbelief…that such horrid stories are happening in their neck of the woods.

Kids Who Need The Most Love Will Ask for it in the MOST UNLOVING of Ways! Parenting Quote

People, abuse and neglect goes beyond slapping the shit out of a child, or forgetting to give him/her their meds….abuse and neglect come in many shapes and forms.

It's not for very long...And before we all know it, they will be graduating into little adults. I cherish every single moment I can get of my love bugs!

To deal with individuals, who chose to stay with a paramour that beat the shit out of their child, who chooses to stay at home, sleeping, while the kids go outside and starve, or miss the school bus, day in and day out; or the ones that were too high to provide a safety and healthy environment, for our innocent children.

Children Learn What they Live-  My absolute favorite quote growing up.  This was in every room of the house. Something I believe we all memorized.

I mean seriously…are you surprised? You should not be!

It only takes one to make a difference and every person should try...Fight against child abuse<<<< I think it's stupid how it has "ignore" if you don't. What the heck guys. -.-Listen to your Children! Children do not lie about abuse so listen to them, believe them, tell them you believe them, and make them know they did the right thing and they will NOT get in trouble for telling you.

I live in South Carolina, and I witness situations like the ones mentioned above day in and day out. It breaks my heart to know that one of those little kids will not even get a warm meal tonight. That the only warm meal they got is the lunch they ate at school. We worry so much about what is happening with immigration, ISIS, and all the beheading cases the media continues to cover, that we missed the  struggles our innocent little people suffers…the ones that are so vulnerable …so young, too young to be able to care for themselves.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. -Charles Swidell

We spend millions of dollars in political campaigns, or sports events…yet, we failed to assist our children, our future…there is a big need for foster homes throughout the state, a huge need for case-workers, a huge need for better compensation for those workers working over 40 hours a week for a ridiculously low salary…but it’s OK, we are the greatest Nation in the world…we got it all figure out…then we wonder why some of our youth turn out to be the way they are.

quotes about kids helping | Children and parents quotes - Your children need your presence more ...

If our homes are broken, with no structure, love, guidance and support…how can we expect our children to become productive and law abiding citizens one day.
I just wanted to share a little bit of what I see every day at my job…an every day that many Americans chose to ignore….

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