Boxes and Duck Tape

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Well, today I started separating my recipe books, of course, the hoarder in me wants to keep them all, but I know I will either sell, or give away 75% of the books.

We decided not to worry about selling our current home, until we are already in MS. Once in MS we will get a Realtor to do all the work. That, somewhat, alleviate some of the pressure that started building up since last week.

I gathered some boxes, I just can’t find the duck tape (ever since my daughter decided to use daddy’s duck tape for her crafts), so more likely I will buy some more tomorrow.

I am hoping I can, at least, have 5 boxes full by the end of the week.  That will make me feel kind of accomplished before J heads out to our final destination.

Stay tuned for this Latin mama in the south moving adventure…

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