Blood, blood and more blood…


It feels like lately I have been poke and poke way too many times. I mean really!!! I have always been one that loves to donate blood, I dig the whole “saving a life” thing. So, since as far as January my white blood count (WBC) has been playing tricks on me. I really feel fine, like I did get a nasty head cold a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, I’ve been feeling normal. Logically, since Humira does messes with your immune system, my dermatologist decided to stop the medication so my primary care doctor can dig a little bit deeper to see what is going on with my WBC.

Today, I finally me a NP who will be playing the detective role. She ordered a battery of things to see what she can find. From a blood culture, to urine, to chest X-Ray, to getting my medical records from SC and other places…anyways…we’ll see what will come out!!! I just want to continue living my happy go lucky life.

It sucks when there is suspense with my health, my hubby gets too worried. Me, I am not necessarily worried I am just annoyed that I can’t take the Humira, have to spend all the $, and have to endure people poking me around and taking my blood. I am sure as hell nothing shows up, cause the next step is a hematologist…and that sounds too complicated for my like.

Another annoying thing is having to ask permission at work to go to my medical appointments. I am not used to that, and I do not like it! I guess when I worked for the State, which is what I have been done for many years, spoiled me. It has me second guessing the job, maybe is not for me…I am no longer happy coming to work…I have even consider staying at home, again, but, we all know how that went the last time I try that out!!!

For now, I just sit and wait, with a sore arm…and high hopes that nothing is happening inside this gorgeous body 🙂

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