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Staring at a blank space, trying to decide what to share with the world.  I share my thoughts with the world, because, writing has some sort of healing power for me.  At times when I am sad or upset, writing, makes me feel better.  When I am happy, feeling silly, and in a corky mood, writing, makes me want to share my happiness with the world and my awesome friends 🙂

Today is July 3rd, 2015…and I am at work.  It’s a slow day, but work nonetheless.  It’s the 1st time I actually work on what is supposed to be the 4th of July Holiday. I am not complaining, I like my co-workers and the job is not too demanding nor is difficult. 

This weekend we planned on going to a Red Birds baseball game, but, after checking the weather (90% rain) we changed our minds. So, hoping for fireworks!

Last night, after watching Harry Potter with my soon-to-be 14 year old, we challenged her with a question… Where do you want to go next year for vacation?  She was speechless, she said… “To my back-yard”.  Daddy had in mind a trip to Yellowstone National Park…

I was, like, emotionless…then I got online…and I typed… “Best places to vacation with teenagers”.  From the 10 best places to vacation with teenagers, we have visited two…and they are all, pretty much, beach destinations.  So, immediately my light bulb went off…I mean…what about a cruise?  I’ve never been in a cruise, neither my husband…so I mentioned the idea out-loud and my daughter kind of got excited.

I immediately started checking out the possibilities with Carnival, and I am kind of torn between Cozumel, Mexico and Montego Bay.  We are still, a whole year away from our next summer family vacation, but based on some feedback from some friends, the sooner you book the cruise the better deal you get.  Carnival has an amazing website, you go to the “Plan” tab and start building your cruise.  I think that going in a cruise, will be a great experience for my teenagers, which will make the experience a great one for mom and dad.

….Well, that is all I have to share today… Happy 4th of July…please keep our military in your minds…and be mindful when doing fireworks near a Veteran. 

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