Bittersweet=both pleasant and painful

Good Times + Crazy Friends = Amazing Memories. As we kiss summer goodbye just know it was one of the most amazing ones ever! I love everyone I got to spend it with and make awesome memories with! Summer 2013, fair well.

Closing a chapter…bittersweet…

We finally sold our home in SC, well, not our home anymore.  I guess that now that the house is sold, I get to reminiscence of all the things we lived there.  On my drive home from work, I started thinking about the space in the kitchen wall, with our kids measurements…Janie was trying so hard to catch up with JJ.  I wished I had taken a picture of the growth chart!  It was our 1st house, the one we made our own, with all the good the bad and the ugly.  Good memories were created there, and other memories that were not so good.

SC was good to us!  For my children, SC is home…we’ve been in Mississippi for 4 months, and my children dream of the day they can go back home.  I met so many great people, I miss them.  I miss some more than others, but hopefully they know I love them and I carry them in my heart wherever I go.

Things happen for a reason…I prayed…and left it all in God’s hands.  I believe that He has a better plan than what I can understand…and I accepted that.  So far Mississippi has been good for my family.  There is a sense of peace, yet mixed emotions and loneliness at times.  It’s a new beginning, and although we know we will have some struggles, we are doing the best we can.  Not having family close, for me, is normal…but I know my husband misses his brothers.  I am so used to missing my family, that the move doesn’t affect me in that aspect.  Now, I do miss my friends….LIKE CRAZY!  I hope I see them again.

There are some special people in the Carolinas…from NC to SC…I have people who I love, and I hope to see and hug again.  People whom I shared tears and laughter with, people who accepted me for who I am, people who, in one way or another…touched my heart in the deepest most sincere way.  I love my Carolina friends…and I treasured them.

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