Between baseball, social studies and laundry…SATURDAY!

My saturday was one dedicated my son!!!  We woke-up before everybody else to go to a private lesson with Dusty Hughes.  It was actually a pretty good time, Dusty was satisfied with JJ’s performance in the mount.  If we could only get the boy to involve his lower body a bit more, he will be unstoppable.  As my a mom, I am so proud, of boy…everytime I hear other parents and coaches tell me how strong my son is, how he has the strongest arm in the entire team…yeah, I can’t help but to be proud!


After baseball, we ate Pizza at his favorite local joint, Three Guys Pizza.  He munched on his favorite pizza while I enjoyed a bacon/pepperoni Stromboli. It was super good! Their Stromboli are so big, I could only eat half, so I saved the other half for my baby girl. After eating lunch we came home. We already knew we had a science project to do and his social studies study guide to work on.

If you venture to the Horn Lake/Southaven area please stop at Three Guys Pizza, the ambiance is great and the food is superb!!!

Starters & Pizza Options

I was happy to see the kid involved with his science project, he is not the school liking kind of child!  I was happy, yet not surprised he was an active participant. The project was about plants and animals adaptations, and I know how much JJ loves animals, so that made the process so much better than others we’ve done in the past.  The Social Studies study guide consists of 4 pages (front and back) and since I know how much he hates school, I always help him locate the answers, then he writes them down, then study. Well, today was no different, I just decided to break it in two parts. We did two pages today and tomorrow morning he can finish the other two. So, we reached a compromise and it work for the best. We finished an hour ago and now he can have the entire night to do whatever he please (more likely video-games).

Now I catch up with loads and loads of laundry and hopefully catch a break to do my little work out before the night is over.

"laundry today or shopping tomorrow" um yes I need this:

I almost forgot, have to go to Sam’s to get some goodies for tomorrow. Super Bowl= fun and yummy food…so we have to get some goodies. We only have one guest and that is perfectly fine, we enjoy his company and we all feel comfortable around him.

That is Saturday in the Alexander’s home…how was your Saturday?


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