Because he loves me…

I'm not Spoiled, my Husband Just Loves Me Quote Throw Pillow:

This weekend was a no-baseball weekend, so Friday night Jason and I decided to rent some Red Box movies (3) and we stayed up pretty late watching them.  Janie had a sleepover at a friend’s house and JJ had a date with his XBOX.

Then Saturday I got up at took JJ to get a, much-needed, haircut.  Then came home and did some chores, not much and later Jason took me shopping…just because he loves me.

We checked out our new Hobby Lobby, then Home Goods, Michael’s, and Ross.  I ended up with some home decor and a new pair of pants.  I was looking for a wreath for my front door, but the ones that I like were to pricey and I did not like them that much, so I still have to purchase that.  

At Home Goods, it was a pleasure to walk next to my hubby…he actually liked the store!  I just got some treats for the cats, believe it or not. I say a couple of things, but did not fall in love with any of them.  I was so crazy about our new Hobby Lobby, that is who ended up getting our money. 

Here are some of the goodies he got for me or at my request 🙂

I love Halloween, and we started decorating, so far we have added this two new items…still more to come 😉

Well, by now you know my boy is a baseball player. I saw it and wanted it and got it for my boy!

Now, this home sign is to die for, the picture does not show great…but the antique blue is awesome…and the placement at the house is perfect!!!

New pair of SOHO pants…kind of funky color, but hey…why not? I will rock them with a red top.

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