Baseball Weekend

Second tournament for the Valley Baseball Academy (VBA), my son played all four games; he was the catcher for three games and played third base the last game.  He was pumped that 1st game, VBA was winning 8 to 3…and all of the sudden the game took a turn for the worst. We lost that game 8-10.

It was a hot summer day and my son gave it his all.  Sadly, the team has only being playing for a month, so needless to say that the “team” still has a lot of work to do.  The kids are still young and their skills are not all there.  I have to say that my son is one of the best players in the team; also a boy named Zach is at the same level as my boy.

After losing that 1st game…VBA never recovered…they were forced to play all 4 games with 9 players (3 other players were playing for another travel team and they were out of town).  VBA did the best it could’ve done, with the available players.

Having typed all that, of course I think my son is the best player on his team; he is my sonJ.  The kids lost their games because the made many mistakes and they let their psych get out of shape. After all they are only kids…the still have yet to learn how to channel their emotions.  We witnessed the kids (including my own) slamming their gear against the floor in the dugout, we witnessed tears, we witnessed injuries, it was heart breaking.  As a parent you want to guide them and teach them about sportsmanship…sometimes it’s harder than it sounds.

My son struggles showing emotions, previous coaches fuzzed at him because they thought he did not care about the game. Little did they know that is the boy’s problem, he care too much, and he is super hard on himself.  He struggles understanding that he is going to make mistakes and that he will lose games. So, for the first time ever, we saw our son slamming his gear against the floor, sobbing uncontrollably and frustrated beyond belief.  Daddy was there attempting to calm him down…but he couldn’t.

I was heartbroken to see my child in so much anguish, he was devastated, I held back and I let him run his emotions.  I shed tears because he was in so much emotional pain, but I never showed him my tears, I waited for him to be ready to talk.  We talked, and his frustration was a valid one, his body was giving up on him.  He played so hard during the 1st game; his body did not recover 100%.  He did not see his team try as hard as him and Zach were trying.  So, he let frustration take over…and when you allow frustration and anger take over…you cannot play/think to the best of your abilities.  At the end, it was reassuring to the see the coaches from the other teams come to my son to give him some words of advised and to console him.  For me….it was the first time my boy showed everyone around how much he care about the game…for others, perhaps, it was a sign of weakness.  For me, it was a brave thing for my son to do…to allow himself to let go…to let the tears roll.  Now, it’s time to re-direct that anger towards wanting to better his game and become a leader among his team mates.

I am proud of my boy.  I always have been.  I am his number one fan, and I will always be there for him.

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