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Baseball "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" Poster Original Design #baseball #sports #ballgame: Baseball "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" Poster Original Design #baseball #sports #ballgame

As I get ready to go to work, I take a few minutes to reflect on the last couple of days. This past weekend, was JJ’s first, Fall, baseball tournament.  It was a little odd, to say the least.  His new team is part of a fairly big organization, with multiple baseball teams.  So, we have two 13U teams…one is a AAA and the other one is an AA.  The players that were 12U AA last year, moved up to AAA (which is understandable). So, the Coach has this idea (I know it’s a good idea, because he is a well-known Coach) of splitting the teams per game.  In other words, during any given tournament both groups will play as one team. The AA group will play one game, and then the AAA will play the next game and so on.  Well, it was kind of awkward to watch, because this past tourney, it was an open one, and when the AA played, you could tell that they were not quite ready for the level of competition.  

My JJ, as the new kid on the block, will be playing for both teams. I am OK with that, I firmly believe that what does not break you make you stronger. So, he was not happy playing with the AA (he scored the only run for his team and played great defense), he understood that he needs to demonstrate that he can hang with the AAA team.  The next day he had the chance to play with the AAA team, he did good, considering he only played 3 innings. We ended up losing, lots of errors, but we were also able to see what the competition is at the next level.  Pretty good baseball, and we know that our teams can play just as good.  After the nerves of the first tourney are over, I cannot wait to see what the boys will accomplish later on.  The groups will continue to play together during the Fall and then when Spring comes, they will play on their respective divisions.

Travel baseball is great, it’s also quite expensive!  From all the traveling, to the extra lessons, to uniforms and stuff…all adds up to a LOT of money.  But, we want the best for our kids and in JJ’s case, baseball it’s one of the things he love (the other one been his XBOX). We will continue to provide the tools to our children to become better at what they like.  I, as a mother, only hope that when my children become parents themselves, they can care and provide for their little ones with some of the things we have provided for them.

I was super thrilled that we had a good weekend.  Janie went to the tournament with us, and for me, that was a HIGHLIGHT!  The girl is supportive of her brother but she prefers to stay home minding her phone, Ipad, laptop and books. We are learning to compromise, so when the tournaments are away, she went with us, and when they are in town, she can decide whether she wants to come or not.  So far is working pretty good.  She is about the get busy with her dance and choir, so daddy and I will have to divi-up to take them to where they need to be. We just live for our children…they mean EVERYTHING to us. 


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