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Last weekend was JJ’s first baseball tournament with his new team.  I must say, the boy played his best game.  He was the catcher for the first three games, then the last game, he covered the right field.

During his time catching, he did not let any balls through, he got players out when they were coming to home plate and he attempted to get other players out on second and third.  He was accurate with his throws…and in my eyes, he was the best 🙂

JJ was not at his best, when at bat, but he did managed to hit a triple during the last game and that brought a smile to his face.  He was making contact, just not hitting the ball as far and hard as he likes.

The team was awesome, I love to see the kids bonding and trying hard.  We did not win any games, but that its OK…considering it was the first time the team played together, they did pretty darn good.  JJ is finally opening up to his teammates, and they seem to get along great.  

The parents are amazing!!!! They welcomed my son with open arms and for that I am their biggest fan.

The Coach and his wife…Oh My God…we did not gain a team, we gained a family.  Mr. and Mrs. Driggers are so spot on, they are so involved with the kids and their families, they make you feel like you are part of their family.  With love and consistency, Coach Driggers teach our kids how to play ball with integrity and courage, he teach them how to play a smart game.  I am thrilled that JJ was lucky enough to be accepted into the team.  I know Coach Driggers is going to make a big difference in my boy’s life.

The weather was pretty nice, the sun was out and it was just a perfect day to play ball. Jason was able to be home that weekend, and he had some bonding time with his beloved son. Janie was also very supportive of JJ, and she attended all the games. We cannot wait to do it all over again.  

Baseball is the kind of sport that brings the family together, there is always something good to celebrate.  I am posting some of the pictures that I took over our first baseball tournament with the Red Hill Rattlers. 


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