Oh my!!!


How I love this wine.  I just opened a bottle of wine and decided to drink my anger/worries away.  I mean it doesn’t get any better than this.  I am angry because I can’t seem to get an opportunity with a company that I want to work at.  Worried cause I am angry…and usually when I am angry I stay that way, secretly, for a long time.

With every sip of my Barefoot Moscato…my worries fade.  With every sip of my wine…I relax more and more…so I figure…I might as well drink the whole bottle and I will worry-free at least until I wake up in the morning with a killer headache 🙂

Life is about compromise…so I am compromising to finishing my bottle of wine and in return I hope this delicious Barefoot Moscato will not give me a hangover in the morning 🙂  Problem solved!

Only half a bottle to go…and the label said…Great sleep guaranteed lmao!!!!  Cheers ya’ll!!!

Much love from this Latin mama in the South…it’s cold, windy and rainy…and I am warm, cozy and drinking my wine…

What about you what are you doing?

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