Back at it…let’s write it out loud

Yesterday, we came back from our family vacation. Although I love OAK ISLAND, NC…well SOUTHPORT to be exact…this year was not as much fun as other years.  On our way, we finally realized that the kids are not young kids anymore. They are teenagers, who need more than an ocean and sand to have fun. So, we, as parents started thinking about what to offer to the teenagers for future vacations.

It is sad to admit, that the quieter the place, the more I love it.  I used to be into crowds, loud noises, parties and drinking.  Now, none of those things mentioned above do anything for me.  I rather spend my time surrounded by nature, fewer people and less noise. 

Today, was my 1st day back at work…I resigned my position (twice) and for some odd reason…it was not accepted…the company I worked for decided to offer me a part-time in hopes that I can return full-time at some point.  I decided to go part-time because I am able to recognized that, without any family help (we have never really have any help) we could not take the kids to their extra-curricular activities, keep up a house, maintain our family dynamics, keep doctor’s appointments, etc. So, now, I work 10-2 and I am OK with that.  I have enough time in the AM to come up with a work out schedule, and enough time in the PM to take JJ to baseball and Janie to choir and dance. So, I am OK with that!

If you think about it, I have less than 5 years…my Janie is a high school student now…and you know time goes fast…soon she’ll be deciding which college she wants to go to…Once again…I decided to put my children first.  I know at some point, very soon, I will start struggling with the sacrifices I have made throughout the years. I always put myself last…and I know that is going to bite me in the ass at some point…we just have to pray and hope for the best, when that time comes.

That is my little venting session today….have lots of mambo jumbo in my head that I would love to put in paper, but little time…so, for today that is all I have.

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