Hello! I am hosting an AVON GIVEAWAY, it contains some of my favorite AVON products.  

“Beauty if confidence applied directly to your face”

I became an AVON Sales Representative because, for the longest time, I could not find an AVON lady.  I love its products! The quality and the prices are unbeatable.  Why spend lots of money in makeup and beauty products when you can get AVON?  AVON is a well established company that sells quality, innovative, and affordable products, while empowering woman.  Best of all…you can order online!!! Yes!!! Online…just go to my link: http://youravon.com/yalexander and have the products delivered to your door. 

The giveaway has very simple entries and one winner takes all.  The AVON Giveaway is open to all US residents and International bloggers as well.  With love…Your AVON lady!!!

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