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Born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, now I find myself living in the Mid-South, in Mississippi to be exact. Married and mother of two great kids. Loving life, books, recipes, travel, and friends. Fan of the color PINK, outspoken, God loving, and adventurous...that is who I am.

Things That Make Me Smile…

Is the small things in life, the unexpected ones, the ones that bring the most joy into my life.  It is in the quiet of my days, the time when I am all alone, that I can slow down enough to see God’s amazingness.  This morning, as I am driving the children to school, I noticed my flowers were very thirsty!  So, I came home, brought them down from the hooks, and aligned them to water them.  I water the first hanging basket and I could not help but admire the beautiful color, the bright pink petals of my impatiens…so perfect!  Then I moved to the second hanging basket and I came to a halt…


See the cute bird nest? Oh my Lord, that little nest, so perfectly put together brought a big smile to my face.  I watered the flower, try not to disturb the nest, I do hope that the bird comes back to the little nest it patiently built.

I’ve been having a very not-so-nice week with my daughter. We are constantly bumping heads, but since the move, it seems that is coming full force.  I am a very impatient person, very temperamental, so is very difficult for me to recognize that is just a phase and that all will calm down…at some point! I am, however, very lucky to have my Jason and my JJ, they calm me down, they love me a ton, and they like showing their love for me on a daily basis.  I know the move was especially difficult for my baby girl, I know she misses her friends, her choir, even the academics at her previous school.  All I can do is pray, hope, and wait…wait for things to calm down with her, and do my best to stay calm (as much as possible!).

Take a deep breath, look around you, and enjoy the simplicity of life, the blessings sent your way, lend a hand and pay it forward…live, love, laugh…


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I read something the other day, from someone who claims to be a Christian, that upset me a little.  This, someone, was criticizing the actions of another person and was rejoicing in the fact that the other person was going to have a hard time due to his/her actions.

Well, I am not preaching to anyone, but as a believer of GOD, I would rather silently pray for a person who is about to face some difficulties, rather than seating back and just enjoy the situation that someone is about to endure!

It’s better to think about what one is going to say out loud, to the world, because our words are who we are.  I cannot deal well, with a person who screams to the world what an amazing Christian they are, yet they talk so bad about another human being.


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I Have Some News…


I am so excited!!! I finally decided to start a new blog…it’s all about a Latin cook…simple, and delicious food cook by the everyday cook.  Go check it out

Let your friends know….I believe in sharing the good with everyone. Cooking is a good thing for me, it brings my family together and I believe it can do the same for yours.  Go check out the new blog and let me know what you think.  It’s a bilingual blog, and just know that there is a translate button for you to translate the post to whatever language you prefer.


Latin Mama in the South

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