August happenings in my neck of the woods




August if like the Sunday of Summer ⋉ Bella Montreal ⋊

August Happenings in my neck of the woods. My baby girl is thriving in high school, she is loving it, and she is also excited about starting her dance on the 27h. My baby boy, 5’10” baby –lol-, tried out for the JV baseball team…he did not do his best (he knows that) and he was not selected for the team. So, that was heart-breaking…the good news is that he gets one more shot when he goes to 9th grade. Good news is that he joined a travel AAA team (travel team) and the coaches are exceptional. So, even though he is disappointed about the JV team, he knows what he did wrong, and if it’s important to him, he should make the proper corrections.

Work wise, my job is an easy one…there is always good days and not so good days, but that is always the case when you are dealing with people and their finances. Husband’s job is very stressful, we are kind of used to that…but when you add the stress with the LONG drive…it becomes troublesome. We are doing our best, to deal with the “not so ideal” situation and hope that in the future changes can take place where he will work closer to home.

Family life continues to improve, we are very hand-on with our parenting, and we are learning how to let our children spread their wings. Last Friday was Janie’s 1st football game, all by herself, well, with her BFF, and it was GREAT. Looking forward to many more football Fridays…next time, maybe JJ can go with her…we’ll see.

We are trying to plan a weekend getaway for Labor Day. There are three possibilities, Nashville, Missouri or Biloxi Mississippi. I think I want to check out Biloxi…you know me…if there is an ocean I want to be there. Nashville is more for Janie and Jason, they are the musical inclined members of the family and Missouri…well it’s all about Six Flags…and that is also a Janie and Jason kind of thing. JJ will be fine wherever we go, as long as it’s a road trip and not a flight! You would think that planes will be nothing for our kids…they’ve been flying since they were months old…but, the boy is not a fan!

JJ has his braces appointment later this month, and he is NOT happy about that…but, mama decided that he will get braces (although, I will miss that silly gap he gotJ). He is also doing his school-work without any drama and that makes life a lot easier. Janie has not been working on school-work…she has a silly math, no AP (don’t know why) and all her classes are easy for her…I just hope that teaches find a way to challenge her, intellectually, otherwise her grades will drop because she will be bored.

That is all that is happening in my Mississippi neck of the woods…

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